From here on we shall be growing this domain usage.

It has been a while since I have been a web developer, mainly because work keeps me busy on Web Services and Enterprise Messaging. Now that I have identified an improved route-to-market, thanks to the folks at unBit, I am keen to deploy much richer content.

Task items include:
  • Domain admin
    • Trac config to provide Wiki
    • Wiki authorisation
      Grant special access to certain monitored areas, whilst of cause allowing community to contribute too.
    • Secure email issued to each family member
    • Create our own domain CSS, also RSS on key areas
  • Domain content
    • Well something more than there currently is!
    • Who is where, doing what... (google.maps, second life)
    • Family photos onto Wiki
  • More...
    • SVN for application development
    • Contribute to unBit deployment...
      Roberto, Laura, Mauro have been superb in all issues regarding web hosting.
      I can happily recommend their service and, as a thank you, am very willing to help unBit with their growth activities

For sure I shall verify validation with w3c tools...
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